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Ecoworks EC (16 Ounce) (OID DUAL)

Botanical Insecticide, Miticide, Nematicide and Fungicide

Listed for Use in Organic Agriculture by the Organic Materials Review Institute New item

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Pesticide ID # required for California COMMERCIAL GROWERS

Manufactured using 100% high quality Neem seed kernals from selective regions from South India. Formulated with cold processed Neem oil as AI and food grade formulation inerts.

  • Balanced formulation with Azadirachtins, hundreds of neem limonoids, fatty acids, esters and synergistic inerts for superior bioactivity.
  • Micro-emulsion formulation with good wetting, sticking, UV stability and residual activity.
  • 4-in-1 product- insecticide, miticide, nematicide & fungicide.
  • Acts as Repellent, Anti-feedant, Growth regulator and life cycle disruptor for insect pests & mites.
  • Acts as Mycelial disruptor and overall growth disruptor on fungal pathogens.
  • Broad spectrum of activity on pests and fungal pathogens.
  • Superior bioactivity on spider mites and powdery mildew on indoor crops.
  • Product labelled with 4 hour REI and Zero day Pre-harvest intervals.
  • Product may be applied until the time of harvest. Please review label conditions.
  • Use foliar, drip, drench and Hydroponic systems.
  • Compatible with all agrochemicals and nutrients. Read label for further details.
  • High degree safety to beneficial insects and honeybees. Follow label guidelines when used in IPM practices.



    Organic Status :
    Approved for Use in Certified Organic Agriculture
    Active Ingredient : Azadirachtin
    Application Season : Fall
    Application Season : Spring
    Application Season : Summer
    Chemical Form : Concentrate
    Chemical Form : Liquid
    Fungus & Disease Control : Anthracnose
    Fungus & Disease Control : Blackspot
    Fungus & Disease Control : Botrytis
    Fungus & Disease Control : Downy Mildew
    Fungus & Disease Control : Powdery Mildew
    Fungus & Disease Control : Rust
    Insect Control : Aphids
    Insect Control : Leaf Roller
    Insect Control : Loopers
    Insect Control : Mites
    Insect Control : Thrips
    Insect Control : Whiteflies
    Pest Control Class : Fungicide
    Pest Control Class : Insecticide
    Pest Control Class : Miticide
    Organic Certifier: OMRI


    Shipping Weight: 2.0 lb

    Dimensions: 0.0"L x 0.0"W x 2.0"H


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