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Collection: Fertilizers and Growing Supplies

Looking to start a garden? You'll need more than just seeds and soil - you'll need the right supplies to help your plants grow strong and healthy. Our growing supplies contains everything you need to start your own seeds, to grow up plants from nursery stock or to propagate your own cuttings. Want to make your own compost or purchase finished compost, we have it here.

Our extensive fertilizer line has everything you will need to feed and nourish your plants, from start to finish. They are divided into groups that will help you find just the right thing to feed your plant–acidic loving fertilizers, liquid fertilizers, fruit tree fertilizers, high nitrogen fertilizers, fertilizers that supply trace minerals…

At our online store, we carry everything you need to get your garden started off on the right foot. From fertilizers and soil amendments to seed starting kits and plant support, we have everything you need to get growing. Plus, our knowledgeable staff is always here to answer any questions you may have about gardening. So come on in and check us out - we'll help you get your green thumb in no time!

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