Orchard and Vineyard Cover Crop Mixes

Orchard & Vineyard Cover Crop Seed Mixes

Improve the health of your soil with our cover crop seeds!

Plant field-proven annual mixes in orchards and vineyards for exceptional vigor, weed competitiveness, and nitrogen fixation.

  • Mow during the season to maximize biomass yields and regrowth.
  • Growth peaks in April or May depending on climate and rainfall; they do not compete with the production crop.
  • Excellent “good bug” habitat, reducing leafhoppers, mites, thrips, skeletonizers, aphids, and other pests.
  • We offer two different formulations to address specific situations.
  • Drill seed in alleys at 40–50 lb/acre on medium to strong soils, 60–70 lb if vigor and/or fertility are low.
  • For new plantings or poor soil, use 80–100 lb/acre
  • For smaller areas, plant at 2-3 lb per 1000 sq Ft.

Important Note: Seeds should be kept to the alleys so the vetch will climb the oats, as intended, rather than the trees or vines.

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