How to Grow and Harvest Tomatillo Plants: Everything You Need

tomatillo plant

Growing Tomatillo Plants

Tomatillos are a delicious and easy-to-grow vegetable that you will love to add to your garden. They are perfect for making salsa, and can be used in many other recipes as well. In this blog post, we will discuss everything you need to know about growing and harvesting tomatillo plants. We will provide information on planting tomatillos, what they look like, how to harvest them, and more!

History Of The Tomatillo

Tomatillo plants are native to Central and South America and have been cultivated for centuries. The name "tomatillo" comes from the Nahuatl word for "little tomato." Tomatillos are a key ingredient in many traditional Mexican dishes, such as salsa verde and enchiladas.

The plants are also popular in South American cuisine, where they are used in stews and sauces. Tomatillos are closely related to cape gooseberries, another popular culinary ingredient.

However, unlike most other members of the nightshade family, tomatillos are not poisonous. This has made them a popular food source for many cultures around the world. Today, tomatillos are grown commercially in many countries and are widely available in grocery stores.

How to Grow and Harvest Tomatillos

Tomatillos are easy to grow and can be harvested from late summer through early fall.

Growing Tomatillo From Seed

Tomatillo seeds can be started indoors 6-8 weeks before the last frost date in your area. Fill a seed tray with moistened potting mix and sow the seeds ½ inch deep. Place the tray in a warm location and keep the soil moist. When the seedlings are 4 inches tall, transplant them into individual pots. Once all danger of frost has passed, tomatillos can be transplanted into the garden. They should be spaced 18 inches apart in a sunny location with well-drained soil.

Transplanting Seedlings In Your Garden

When choosing a tomatillo plant, look for one that has bright green leaves and firm, green fruits. Avoid plants that have yellowing leaves or fruits that are starting to turn brown. Once you have chosen a plant, pot it in well-drained soil and place it in an area that receives full sun.

Harvesting Tomatillo Fruits

Tomatillos will need regular watering, especially during dry periods. Fertilize them every 2-3 weeks with a balanced garden fertilizer. Harvest tomatillos when the husks turn brown and begin to split open. When the fruits are plump, they are ready to be picked. Cut the stem close to the fruit to avoid damaging the plant.

Storing Fresh Tomatillos

The fruit will be yellow or green at the point it is ready and can be used fresh or canned. Store fresh tomatillos in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.

Tomatillo Salsa Is Delicious And An Essential Part of Mexican Cuisine

Tomatillo salsa, also known as tomatillo sauce or tomatillo red chili salsa, is a delicious Mexican condiment made from fresh tomatillos, chili peppers, and onions. It is typically served as a dip or accompaniment to Mexican dishes such as enchiladas, tacos, and burritos.

The exact ingredients and proportions vary depending on the region and individual recipe, but all versions of tomatillo salsa are typically fresh, flavorful, and slightly spicy. While it is easy to find jarred versions of tomatillo salsa in grocery stores, nothing compares to the flavor of homemade salsa made with fresh ingredients.

If you have never tasted tomatillo salsa before, be sure to give it a try the next time you are in the mood for Mexican food!

Tomatillo Seeds For Sale

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For some helpful information on growing tomatoes, please see our Growing Guide in the Resource Center.

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