Collection: Pluot Trees (Plum x Apricot Hybrid)

A cross between an apricot and a plum produces very sweet and juicy fruit

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Pluots, also known as plumcot trees, are a celebrated hybrid fruit of the 20th century, renowned for their exceptional sweetness, with a Brix scale rating of 16-24. This is one reason why Pluot trees, such as the famous 'Pluot Santa Rosa', often dominate taste tests. A product of Floyd Zaiger's ingenious hand-pollination techniques, the Pluot is an "interspecific" complex hybrid, primarily composed of 70 percent plum, like the well-known Santa Rosa plum, and 30 percent apricot.

Zaiger, a self-taught geneticist and highly respected plant breeder, was instrumental in the creation of the Pluot. His process involved extensive cross-breeding between plums, including varieties like the Japanese plum, and apricots. Employing advanced pollination methods and selective breeding over several generations, he developed the Pluot, a hybrid fruit that uniquely combines the juicy sweetness of plums with the subtle tartness of apricots. This led to a variety of Pluot varieties, each characterized by distinct flavors and appearances. One notable variety is the 'Dinosaur Egg', a pluot known for its distinctive taste and texture.

Smooth-skinned like a plum, the Pluot is sturdy and durable, offering a luscious plum flavor with a hint of apricot. It exhibits the chin-dripping juiciness of a fully ripe plum, without the notoriously tough tart skin and the astringent center typical of its parent plum. Its popularity is evident at farmers' markets, where varieties like the dark purple-skinned Pluot are favored for their sweet flavor.

The aesthetic appeal of Pluot trees adds to their charm. Their branches gracefully arch, bearing lush, green foliage. In spring, they burst into a spectacle of white or pink blossoms, evoking delicate beauty. By summer, the trees are adorned with vibrant, juicy fruits, blending plum and apricot hues, a testament to their hybrid origin.

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Semi-dwarf on Citation rootstock (except Splash on standard Myro-29C can reach about 15'-25' un-pruned). These semi-dwarf trees will reach 3/4 of standard (about 8'-14'). Trees are 1-2 years old, and should begin to fruit in their 4th or 5th year.

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