Collection: Plumcot Trees (Plum x Apricot Hybrid)

A cross between an apricot and a plum produces very sweet and juicy fruit

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Plumcots are some of the sweetest stone fruits (with 16-24 Brix) which is probably why Plumcots  dominate taste tests. A product of Floyd Zaiger and hand-pollination techniques. The Plumcots  is "interspecific," a complex hybrid of 70 percent plum, 30 percent apricot. Smooth-skinned like a plum, the Plumcot  is sturdy and durable with luscious plum flavor and a hint of apricot. It has the chin-dripping juiciness of a fully ripe plum without the notoriously tough tart skin and the astringent center typical of the parent plum. A favorite at farmers markets everywhere for its dark purple skin and sweet flavor.

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Semi-dwarf on Citation rootstock (except Splash on standard Myro-29C can reach about 15'-25' un-pruned). These semi-dwarf trees will reach 3/4 of standard (about 8'-14'). Trees are 2 years old, and should begin to fruit in their 4th or 5th year.

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