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A cross between an apricot and a plum produces very sweet and juicy fruit

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Exploring the Delightful World of Pluot Trees

Pluots, the delightful hybrid fruit of the 20th century, have become a sensation in the world of horticulture, celebrated for their exceptional sweetness and unique flavor profile. Combining the best of plums and apricots, these stone fruits offer a unique and super sweet flavor. To enhance their sweetness, allowing them to ripen at room temperature is ideal. Pluots can be stored in paper bags to ripen further, intensifying their delicious taste. With a perfect blend of juicy plums and sweet apricots, Pluots stand out as a delicious and distinctive addition to the world of fruit hybrids.Also known as plumcot trees, Pluots like the famous 'Pluot Santa Rosa' have garnered widespread acclaim, often dominating taste tests with their irresistible taste. Fruit enthusiasts can explore the fascinating realm of plum varieties with the introduction of cross-pollinated creations known as Pluots. Delve into the fascinating world of Pluot trees, their origins, and the varieties that captivate fruit enthusiasts.

A Product of Ingenuity: The Pluot's Genetic Journey

The Pluot owes its existence to the ingenious hand-pollination techniques of Floyd Zaiger, a self-taught geneticist and highly respected plant breeder. Zaiger's process involved intricate cross-breeding between plums, including varieties like the Japanese plum, and apricots. Through advanced pollination methods and selective breeding spanning several generations, Zaiger achieved a breakthrough – the Pluot, a hybrid fruit comprised of 70 percent plum, notably the Santa Rosa plum, and 30 percent apricot.

The result is a fruit that harmoniously combines the juicy sweetness of plums with the subtle tartness of apricots. This successful cross-breeding has given rise to a variety of Pluot cultivars, each distinguished by its unique flavors and appearances. Among these, the 'Dinosaur Egg' stands out for its distinctive taste and texture, adding to the allure of Pluot trees.

The Allure of the Pluot: Flavorful and Versatile

Smooth-skinned like a plum, the Pluot boasts a robust and durable exterior that houses a luscious plum flavor with a hint of apricot. What sets it apart is its chin-dripping juiciness, reminiscent of a fully ripe plum, without the challenges posed by the tough skin and astringent center found in its parent plum. Farmers' markets are witness to the Pluot's popularity, with dark purple-skinned varieties often favored for their delectable sweetness.

Beyond their delectable taste, Pluot trees offer an aesthetic appeal that adds to their charm. Their branches gracefully arch, adorned with lush green foliage. In the spring, these trees transform into a spectacle of white or pink blossoms, showcasing delicate beauty. By summer, the trees bear vibrant, juicy fruits that blend plum and apricot hues, a visual testament to their hybrid origin.

Varieties Galore: A Pluot for Every Palate

The world of Pluots unfolds with a diverse array of varieties, each offering a unique flavor experience. Some notable selections include the Dapple Dandy, Flavor King, Flavor Grenade, Flavor Queen, Flavor Supreme, and more. These Pluot cultivars cater to a range of taste preferences, ensuring that there's a Pluot for every palate.

Growing and Caring for Pluot Trees

For those eager to cultivate their own Pluot trees, it's essential to understand their growth habits and care requirements. Pluot trees are typically semi-dwarf, grafted onto Citation rootstock, except for varieties like Splash, which can reach about 15'-25' unpruned on standard Myro-29C. Semi-dwarf trees will reach 3/4 of standard height, approximately 8'-14'. These trees, when properly cared for, are expected to bear fruit in their 4th or 5th year. Pluots, as cross-pollinated hybrids of plums and apricots, typically need around 300 to 500 chill hours during winter to promote proper flowering and fruit set in the spring.

For more in-depth information about growing and caring for Pluot trees, our blog post, "The World of Pluots: A Guide for Gardeners and Market Farmers," provides valuable insights and tips. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or a market farmer, this guide equips you with the knowledge needed to nurture your Pluot trees and enjoy a bountiful harvest.

A Sweet Symphony of Plum and Apricot

Pluot trees stand as a testament to the marriage of innovation and nature. Floyd Zaiger's pioneering efforts have given us a fruit that captures the sweet symphony of plums and the subtle allure of apricots. With their delightful flavors, vibrant appearance, and easy cultivation, Pluot trees offer a unique and rewarding experience for fruit enthusiasts and gardeners alike.

Enjoy our selections including the Dapple DandyFlavor KingFlavor GrenadeFlavor QueenFlavor Supreme and More!

For more information about growing and care of Pluot Trees, see our blog pots:  The World of Pluots: A Guide for Gardeners and Market Farmers

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