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Certified Organic Seed Garlic and Shallots

We offer a selection of gourmet, organic seed garlic varieties for you to choose from. Hardneck seed garlic grows very well in cold regions and the cloves of hardneck garlic are large, full of complex flavor and easy to peel. Softneck seed garlic grows very well in warmer winter regions, is milder in flavor, and is a great keeper. Shallots are milder than onions and are a staple in gourmet cooking. Save money and grow your own as they can be quite expensive at the grocery store.

If you cannot find the variety in organic, try planting conventional and growing it organically. Save the largest bulbs and plant them the following year as your own organic seed garlic.

For more information, see our Organic Garlic Resource Center. Our staff have selected dozens of articles, videos, recipes and tips with everything you need to successfully grow garlic bulbs naturally and organically. Including our popular video Selecting and Planting Garlic.

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