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On 4 Potted Trees and/or Vines!

Collection: Almond Trees

Enjoy the fruits of your labor by planting an almond tree!

Potted Almond Trees

Almonds are a popular nut, primarily grown in California. One of the first blooming fruit or nut trees and therefore susceptible to late frosts. Heavy yielding trees that grow best on well-drained, fertile soil. Low water requirement. Susceptible to brown rot, shot hole fungus, and navel orange worm. Almonds store extremely well.

  • The trees are 1 year old and can be expected to fruit in their 4th year.
  • Semi-dwarf tree on Viking rootstock, grows to 15'-20' without pruning. Viking is a vigorous, precocious tree, with nematode resistance similar to Nemaguard, productive, increases fruit size, shows tolerance of wet soil conditions.
  • Low chill hours, good choice for milder climates.
  • Sets a heavy crop but a hot summer is required to ripen the crop. A very winter and frost hardy almond.
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