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Almond trees and nuts will make a great addition to your orchard

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Collection: Almond Trees Grown in California

Almonds, renowned as one of the first blooming nut trees, demand special care during early spring in the United States, as they are susceptible to late frosts. These heavy-yielding trees thrive on well-drained, fertile soil, reaching heights of 15 to 20 feet without pruning. Bred on Viking rootstock, our one-year-old semi-dwarf trees are anticipated to bear sweet almonds in their fourth year.

As members of the rose family Rosaceae, almond trees require full sun and boast a low water requirement, making them ideal for Mediterranean climates. Understanding the nuances of almond care is crucial, especially during the growing season. Explore the various types of almonds, including the sought-after sweet almond and the distinct bitter almond, and learn about hull splits, a pivotal aspect of the harvest process.

Our Viking rootstock, a vigorous and precocious option, provides nematode resistance akin to Nemaguard. These productive trees not only increase fruit size but also exhibit tolerance for wet, draining soil conditions. With low chill hour requirements, they are a fantastic choice for milder climates, setting a heavy crop that requires a hot summer for ripening. Embrace the resilience of our winter and frost-hardy almond trees and indulge in the bountiful harvest of sweet almonds—perfect additions to salads, desserts, or your favorite snacks. Unlock the secrets to growing and caring for almond trees on your journey to cultivating these delightful nuts!

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