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Melons are a type of fruit that belongs to the gourd family. There are many different varieties of melon, but they all share a few common features, including a round or oval shape, a hard outer skin, and a fleshy interior. Melons range in size from small, like the honeydew, to large, like the watermelon.

Melons are a tasty, sweet fruit to grow in your summer garden. We carry a wide selection of seeds from Honeydew to Crenshaw and other varieties you probably won't find in your local grocery store.

They also come in many different colors, including green, yellow, orange, and red.

Melons are cold sensitive and should either be started indoors or direct seeded when all chances of frost have past. See our tips on testing melons for ripeness here.

Learn more about seed starting in your organic garden with our resource guide and buy everything you need with our Seed Starting Kit.