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Grapes make a nice arbor and give sweet fruit too

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Collection: Bare Root Table Grape Vines

Excellent used as an ornamental, for summer shade, arbors, or leafy walls. There are two basic classes of table grapes, European and American.

European varieties have tight skins, wine–like flavors, high heat requirements for ripening, and are the most common grapes grown in California. Use fresh, dried, and for juices or wine. Susceptible to powdery mildew, they require regular dusting or spraying with sulfur or other mildew control.

American varieties have Concord–like flavor, moderate heat requirements, are late blooming, and resistant to powdery mildew.

Both classes may grow successfully in very warm sites at lower elevations. They require deep, moderately fertile soils and regular pruning for high quality and production. Self–fertile. Our vines are self–rooted from cuttings, 1–year plants, number 1 grade with about 8 inches of top growth.