Collection: Soil Block Makers

Sustainable seed starting alternatives with free-standing soil blockers and paper pots!

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Collection: Soil Block Makers

Imported from England (Ladbrooke) or Japan (Paper Pots), our soil block makers are of the highest quality on the market. Enjoy our sustainable seed starting alternatives.

Advantages of soil blocks:

  1. No containers are needed
  2. Plants do not get root bound
  3. Seedlings are air pruned
  4. Easy to germinate seeds of all sizes
  5. Range of sizes available from small to large soil blocks.

To make a block, fill the soil block maker tool with moistened peat moss mix (Quickroot Soilless Potting Mix is a perfect mix for soil), set the soil blocker on a seed flat, release, and you’ll create multiple soil blocks, each with a slight depression in the top for the seed.