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Collection: Neem Oil

Get rid of pesky insects — organically!

Neem Oil-Fungicide, Insecticide and Miticide

A unique broad spectrum pesticide which acts as an insecticide, fungicide, and miticide. As fungicides, they are most effective when used as a preventative or when disease pressure is light. Works by coating plant surfaces, therefore preventing fungal spore germination and killing external fungi on leaf surfaces. Thorough coverage is important.

As an insecticide/miticide, use when insect/mite pressure is light to moderate. Neem oil suffocates insects and mites on contact and is especially effective on whiteflies, aphids and other soft bodied insects. Also acts as a repellent. Since this product is an oil, it can also kill bees if they are exposed to direct treatment so we recommend applying this product when they are not visiting your plants.

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