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Enjoy some mulberry jam by planting a mulberry tree

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Our Bare Root Mulberry Trees

Mulberry trees are native to tropical climates and produce a sweet multiple-fruit (looks somewhat like a long skinny blackberry). The mulberry trees grow swiftly at first but soon become slow growing, a mature tree rarely reaches over 30 ft. Black mulberries can grow in a bushy-like habit if not trained young into a tree. The fruit is used extensively in jams. The trees are fairly drought tolerant once established. Trees are 2 years old and should fruit in their 3rd year.

Mulberries are easy to grow and generally free of pests and diseases; although cankers and dieback can occur. They like a warm, well-drained soil, preferably a deep loam. These varieties enjoy full sun and make excellent shade trees. Shallow soils such as those frequently found on chalk or gravel are not recommended. Mulberries are prone to desiccation and frost damage when planted from bare root. To reduce the risk of plant loss it is a good idea to thoroughly hydrate the plant and prune back the lateral growth of the plant to reduce the amount of surface area exposure.

The black fruits are used extensively in dark purple jams. Mulberry fruits are sweet, and can present a mild tart flavor.