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Weed control with non-selective herbicides

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Collection: Organic Herbicides for Weed Control

Peaceful Valley offers a wide variety of organic and natural weed herbicides to kill the weeds in your garden or farm. Our Avenger organic weed killer is a popular option along with a 20% vinegar weed killer. This is not your common household vinegars (white vinegar), this is much stronger and will kill the weeds. Chemical weed killers are most effective if applied (post emergent) when the weeds are small and on a warm sunny day–organic herbicides work!

Ingredients may include concentrated d-limonene, clove oil, cinnamon oil, 20% vinegar solution (acetic acid), or citric acid. These commercial herbicides are non-selective and non-systemic, meaning any plant sprayed will be affected, and they kill the above surface foliage of plants.