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Figs wonderful eaten fresh or dried

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Collection: Figs are a Great Addition to Your Orchard

There’s something satisfying about picking homegrown fruits from a fig tree. Growing your own newly planted figs is an effort that rewards you with healthy, delicious fruits to enjoy for years to come.

Figs are native to the Mediterranean region and have been cultivated since ancient times. The Greeks and Romans used figs for everything from food to medicine, and the trees were even thought to have mystical powers. Figs arrived in America with the early settlers, and today, they are grown in warm climates all over the world.

Though they are relatively easy to care for, fig trees do have some specific cultural requirements. For instance, they need full sun and well-drained soil. They also need to be protected from frost, as even a brief exposure can damage the fruit. With proper care, fig trees can produce an abundance of sweet fruit that can be enjoyed fresh or used in preserves and other recipes.

Luckily, we have fig trees for sale suitable for various climates and growing conditions. Choose from cold-hardy fig varieties like the Brown Turkey or drought-tolerant varieties like Peter’s Honey. These plants are all winter hardy and will bear fruit.

You can opt for dwarf or potted trees if you prefer a smaller plant. Discover the options and grow tasty, fiber-rich fruit you’ll savor each harvest season.

Learn about the growing season and how to care for fig trees in our Growing Guide as well as more information on potted trees.