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Plant some June bearing and everbearing for a long season of strawberries

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Collection: Bare Root Strawberry Plants

Home gardeners can enjoy growing easy-to-grow strawberries in raised beds or pots, creating a delightful ground cover with their lush foliage. Strawberries, known for their shallow root system, thrive in full sun and benefit from mulch, making them a perfect addition to any garden. These strawberries are easy to grow and prefer well-drained soil rich in essential nutrients.

We offer a variety of plants, including June bearing strawberry varieties that produce a single large crop in early spring to early summer. These plants are prolific producers for 3 to 4 weeks, yielding an abundance of delicious red berries.

Additionally, we have everbearers, also known as day-neutral varieties, which are not as prolific as June bearers but are ideal for those who want continuous fruit production throughout the summer. These strawberries produce fewer daughter plants, making them a tidy option for growers.

For an extended growing season and a bountiful harvest, consider planting both June-bearing and everbearing strawberries. This strategy ensures you'll have plenty of red berries to preserve and enjoy throughout the summer, making your home garden a fruitful and rewarding space.

Enjoy our strawberries for sale, and see our growing guide in the Resource Center.