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Organic Weed Control

Integrated pest management for any pest, including weeds, may require more than one method for adequate organic weed control. You can put down mulch which, if applied thick enough, will deprive weeds of sunlight. Coconut Fiber chips are a beautiful mulch, and retains moisture as well. Weed fabric is another solution that will deprive weeds of the sun. Our weed fabric is very durable and will last years. 

Biodegradable film is great on annual veggie beds, and an alternative to plastic based fabrics. We also offer OMRI-certified herbicides  (non-selective) for your organic garden. Other ways to get rid of weeds is to use a weed flamer (as long as it is save to do so). A great tool for scorching weeds into submission! Just a quick wave of the fiery wand breaks down cell walls, effectively killing the plant. Flamers are highly effective on young, annual weeds, but perennial weeds with taproots or woody stems may require reflaming. 

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