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Beautiful trees that are good for shade and fruit

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Persimmon trees are a beautiful tree in the late fall when fruit hangs on the tree after the leaves have fallen. Striking, dark green leaves turn shades of yellow, orange and red. Asian persimmons originated in China. There are two types of persimmon fruit: astringent and non-astringent. The acorn shaped Hachiya is an example of the astringent type and must be eaten when it is soft or else it is far from tasty. The non-astringent type, like Fuyu, can be eaten when they are still firm because they do not contain the high levels of tannic acid like the astringent types do.

Grafted onto standard rootstock (D. lotus). The tree can get anywhere from 15-20' tall in normal growing conditions, however, by pruning the tree can be kept smaller. Persimmons tend to bloom late, need well drained soil, full sun and are usually self-fruitful. Give your persimmon some space so when you plant your young tree don’t dig a hole near a building or another tree. Your tree should begin bearing fruit in their 3rd year.