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Pears are a wonderful fruit for your backyard orchard

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There are many different pear varieties, each with distinctive characteristics. European pear trees are late blooming, and tolerant of heavy wet soils. Asian pear trees have the flavor and sweetness of pears with the crunchiness of crisp apples. Pears are cold hardy, drought resistant, and heat tolerant. Growing a pear is easy and a great addition to your home garden–home grown harvested pears are so much sweeter and juicier than grocery store pears.

Both European and Asian pears are susceptible to fire blight & codling moth. Plant 2 varieties for best pollination. Young trees should be pruned to the size tree you want; pruning pear trees can be done in the winter or summer. Pears are semi-dwarf grafted onto OHxF333 rootstock which is widely adapted, disease resistant, and will grow to 12'-15' size tree. Trees are 2 years old and should begin to produce fruit in their 4th year.