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Collection: Kiwi Vines

Kiwi vines make a nice hedge and gives you fruit

Kiwi Vines

Kiwi fruit grow on vigorous vines. Grow kiwi vines on trellises or espalier them along fences or walls for ornamental landscaping that also delivers fruit high in Vitamin C. Hardy kiwi vines, like the Issai, will produce smooth kiwi fruit in a range of climates in USDA zones 4-9. Issai is also a convenient vine since it is self-fruitful (meaning it produces both male and female flowers).

Want the familiar fuzz? Find those on our tender kiwi vines. Even the tender vines need some winter chill, so they do best in USDA zones 7-9. You’ll need at least one male (Tomuri) and one female (Vincent) vine for pollination. Remember, the prime requirements for kiwi trees and vines are good drainage and ample water. Pull any perennial weeds from the site. Water is key for kiwis to bear their heavy crops.

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