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Collection: Multiple Varieties of Fruit on one Tree

Multi-graft fruit trees are a type of tree that has multiple types of fruit grafted onto one tree. This can be done with different varieties of the same fruit, or with different types of fruits.

The advantage of multi-grafting is that it allows for a greater diversity of fruits on a single tree, which can provide a more bountiful harvest. It also can help to extend the fruiting season, as different varieties of fruits ripen at different times. In addition, multi-grafting can make it possible to grow fruits that would not ordinarily grow in your climate zone. For example, you could graft a variety of apple that grows in a cold climate onto a heat-tolerant rootstock, allowing you to grow apples in a warmer climate. Multi-graft fruit trees are a versatile and fun way to create an abundance of fresh fruit.

Our trees are on semi-dwarf No. 1 rootstock, so they'll stay a manageable size. But if you want to keep them even smaller, simply prune them to the size you desire. Whether you have a small space or just want to add some urban gardening charm, our Multi-Graft Trees are perfect for you!

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