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Plant some cool season organic peas!

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Collection: Pea Seeds

Peas are an easy veggie to grow and fresh peas are much sweeter when harvested right out of the garden. Peas can be planted as soon as the ground can be worked and if you live in a mild winter region, they can be planted in fall and grown through the winter.

Varieties of peas include snow peas (good stir fried), shelling peas (aka English peas or garden peas with inedible pods but sweet edible seeds) or sugar snap peas. Peas have pretty white flowers and most will need to grow on a trellis or fence. Pea plants do not like to be transplanted, so start them directly in the ground or put them in a biodegradable pot.

Before planting, soak overnight in water to improve germination. Peas do not like heat, so you can put up shade cloth to extend the growing season a little. Peas should be eaten right away or they can be preserved by freezing. If you miss the harvest window, allow them to dry and use in split pea soup or any other winter hearty soup.

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