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Sustainable Ways to Use the Apple Pomace Leftover From Your Cider Making

In our video on making cider, Tricia shows how to crush apples with her crusher to create pomace, and then extract cider from the pomace. What to do with that leftover pomace, full of apple skins, pulp, and seeds?

MAKE CIDERKIN Get more out of your apples by making this delicately sweet, traditional beverage. Ciderkin is the ancient equivalent of Koolaid, a special treat for kids. Right after you've pressed your pomace put it in water over night to re-hydrate. The next morning, run the pomace through the press again and you've got ciderkin.

COMPOST IT If you usually compost your kitchen waste you might think you should rush the apple pomace straight to the compost pile. Wait! Apple pomace has a lot of moisture and acidity, and adding the pomace from a bushel of apples would throw your compost pile out of whack. When adding the pomace to your compost, balance it with an equal amount of dry leaves, torn up cardboard, newspaper or other recycled paper. Bury it deep in the compost pile (or use a covered bin) to thwart the yellow jackets. You also want to make sure your pile gets hot enough to sterilize the apple seeds, or you might just have an all volunteer orchard in your garden next season.

FEED IT TO YOUR ANIMALS Serve it up to your chickens, ducks, geese or pigs as a fruity snack.

FEED IT TO WILDLIFE So you don't have livestock, no problem! Your local wildlife love apples just as much as domestic animals. Put out your pomace and enjoy the show. Enjoy your cider, and enjoy the benefits of the apple pomace too!

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