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Are You a Farmer, Landscaper, Teacher or Retailer?

Special Pricing Programs Available

Simply request our application to substantiate that you are a commercial farm, a professional landscaper, a school, or a garden supply retail store and we will give you the very best price available on our vast product line. Call (888) 784-1722 x125 for details.

Merchandise already priced at very low margin will not be discounted under our Tier Pricing Programs (Wholesale, Farmer, Landscaper, School). This includes apparel, garden carts, compost tea brewers, greenhouses, Agribon "Early Buy", 55 gal drum and 275 gal totes of liquid fertilizers, bulk bags of fertilizer, beekeeping supplies, Breville appliances, Excalibur dehydrators, BCS roto-tillers, Isomate, etc...

Farmer Pricing

From OMRI listed fertilizers and pest control, to organic seeds, we've got everything farmers need to grow organically. Since 1976, farmers have trusted us to provide the very best organic farming supplies at the very best prices. Substantiate that you're a commercial farm and we'll show you the very best prices available on our vast product line.

Farmer pricing is much lower than our published catalog pricing. Because you are running a commercial farm, we will give you a significant price break (up to 25%) in order to help you grow more for less. We want to encourage you to make most of your purchases from us and save!

Landscaper Pricing

From pruners and native plants, to organic weed control and fertilizers, we have everything eco-friendly landscapers need. Since 1976, landscapers have trusted us provide the very best organic landscaping supplies at the very best prices. Substantiate that you're a professional landscaper and we'll give you up to 25% off our vast product line. We want to encourage you to make most of your purchases from us and save!

School Garden Pricing

We want to support organic gardens in our schools by making it more affordable to plant and grow a beautiful school garden by giving you up to 25% off our vast product line. Teach about the foods we eat and how they grow by planting seeds and watching them produce healthy and tasty fruits and veggies! Remember to submit all orders on school letterhead!

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Wholesale Pricing

Wholesale Prices Wholesale prices represent discounts off our retail list prices of up to 30%, depending on the product. There are 5 pricing tiers - your tier is determined annually based on your year-to-date purchases (excluding sales tax and/or shipping). If at any time an order will qualify you for the next tier up, you will receive the better discount on that order. We want to encourage you to make most of your purchases from us and ask you to make at least $2,000 in purchases annually to remain a member of the Wholesale Pricing Program.

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Only Organics!

Our mission has always been to serve the organic farming & gardening community. We mostly carry products acceptable for growing organically and we keep up with industry trends to make sure we carry the best possible line of organic gardening products possible.


After 40+ years of serving organic growers and home gardeners, we know organic growing and we know our products. Rely on our experienced staff for help selecting and using our products. You will learn how to grow your organics business and succeed.


We have everything your customers need to grow organically. Our over 5,000 products include natural weed and pest control, fertilizers, certified organic seeds, growing & propagating supplies, season extenders, irrigation supplies, quality tools, roto-tillers, books, and more. Ordering is simple, efficient, and hassle-free. Order online for up-to-date wholesale prices. Order all the organic products your customers want from one supplier.

No Case Minimums

Rarely will you find an opportunity like this. Shop like a retail customer but pay wholesale prices! Begin buying and replenishing your inventory by ordering exactly what you want without product minimums or case quantities. Enjoy offering a diverse product line without the expense and storage demands of maintaining a large inventory. Stock just what you need, when you need it.