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Collection: Orchard Mason Bees

Add more pollinators to your orchard or garden!

Orchard Mason Bees

Bees are essential for pollination–Mason bees, honey bees, leafcutter bees and more. Mason Bee colonies can do over 200 times the pollinating of similarly sized honey bee colonies which makes them excellent pollinators. Unlike honey bees, Masons are small, black, non-territorial solitary bees, thus they are less likely to harm humans or pets. They are also native to most of North America. In the wild, mason bees find holes in trees to nest in, they build their nesting chambers using mud, hence the name Mason. To invite them to stay around your garden you only need to have food for them (flower pollen) and a shelter for them to breed and live. We offer Mason Bee Kits and Mason bee cocoons.

Mason bees must be shipped when they are dormant and therefore are only available December to March (early spring).

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