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Brand: Pest Wizard
Item Number: PIT524

Corn Earworm Lure - 4 week - 3 Pak

Corn Earworm Lure - 4 week - 3 Pak - Grow Organic

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  • Attracts the speciesHelicoverpa armigera and Helicoverpa zea (Corn earworm, tomato fruitworm and cotton bollworm)
  • Insect pests of tomatoes, cotton, soybean, sunflower, sweet corn and more.
  • 45 day lure
  • Can place in the freezer for long-term storage
  • Use with Delta Trap (sold separately).



    Active Ingredient : Pheromone Lure
    Application Season : Summer
    Insect Control : Corn Earworms
    Insect Control : Tomato Fruitworm

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    Cannot be combined with other items in a package, due either to its size or manufacturer packaging.

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    Dimensions: 4.0"L x 6.0"W x 0.5"H


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