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Redwood Greenhouse Kit (Mt Hood 6' x 12') - Grow Organic Redwood Greenhouse Kit (Mt Hood 6' x 12') Growing
Item Number: SEG530

Redwood Greenhouse Kit (Mt Hood 6' x 12')

Easy to Assemble Top Quality Greenhouse Kit

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PLEASE NOTE: Redwood Greenhouse & Bench Kits generally take 8-12 weeks to ship.

Grow beautiful plants in any season and get a jump start on your veggie garden with this great looking greenhouse! These GardenHouse Kits are ideal for small scale use. They combine top quality components and functional design.

Attractive and durable redwood frames

  • Naturally resistant to insect and moisture damage
  • Use only second growth redwood to preserve old-growth redwood
  • Immune to rot, impervious to termites and won't split or warp

Roof slope and strength

  • 45° roof slope transmits low angle sun in the winter, and reflects high angle sun in summer.
  • Steep roof slope sheds snow in the winter and can withstand a snow load of 18 lbs per square foot.
  • Provides ample headroom and plant-hanging space.
  • Height to peak is 8'4" for Mt. Hood series and 10' for Mt. Rainier series

No foundation required

  • Simply prepare a flat surface of gravel, wood, cement, or other material as indicated.
  • So lightweight that with a few helping hands it can be moved seasonally.
  • Durable plastic frame base with the authentic look, color and texture of redwood, but with the consistent properties of plastic, making it resistant to insect and moisture damage.

Double-wall polycarbonate panels

  • Retain heat in winter, diffuse light for even plant growth and block 98% of harmful UV rays.
  • The twin-walled, ribbed, translucent polycarbonate has 30 times the impact strength of acrylic and 200 times that of glass.
  • Patented rigid tie connectors make the structure rigid and strong.
  • Treated with a UV coating to prevent discoloration.
  • An independent verified that the GardenHouse withstood their maximum wind load capacity of 85 mph with no damage.
  • Wall height is 5'4"

Vents with automatic vent operators

  • Mt. Hood series has one roof vent and one back wall vent. Mt. Rainier series has two roof vents and two back wall vents
  • Vent openers contain a paraffin (wax) cylinder that expands when the temperature reaches about 65°F, pushing the vent open to its fully opened position at about 85°F. As the temperature cools and the paraffin contracts, the vent operators' springs draw each vent closed.
  • It is also easily detachable for manual operation.
  • A circulating chimney effect is created as cool air is drawn in from the base vent, and warmer air is allowed to escape from the hottest point at the roof ridge.

For more information, please enjoy our Blog on heating greenhouses.

Assembles easily and quickly. Major kit components are panelized for an easy sure fit. Each kit comes with easy-to-follow instructions, and a convenient product assembly video. All parts are pre-fabricated and can be assembled in less than a day with the aid of a power (Phillips) screw driver, a 6' step ladder, a 12' tape measure and 4 tubes of clear silicon caulking.

Dutch door entry provides additional ventilation control and access.

Optional bench kits can be purchased separately and has free shipping when shipped with the greenhouse.

5 year warranty on parts.



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