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Landscape Pests ID Cards

Quick Reference for Pest Identification

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By Larry L. Strand and Jack Kelly Clark

These pocket-size, sturdy, laminated cards can be easily carried with you as a quick reference wherever you need them.

Covers 80 common insects and mites, 40 diseases, 20 beneficial insects, and a variety of other disorders and invertebrate pests. Each pest is identified by a description and excellent close-up color photographs of important symptoms and life stages (211 photographs).

Includes everything from aphids and whiteflies to glassy-winged sharpshooter and sudden oak death, all of which have an impact on California landscapes. Also includes descriptions of natural enemies and suggestions for least toxic management options.

The information on these 43 cards will help landscape maintenance professionals and home gardeners identify and manage most major common pest problems in the landscape.

Laminated. 43 cards. Regents of the University of California. 2011



    Book Format : Softback

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