Turf Type Perennial Ryegrass Seed - Grow Organic Turf Type Perennial Ryegrass Seed (lb) Cover Crop
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Turf Type Perennial Ryegrass Seed (lb)

Makes a nice lawn

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Lolium perenne Cool-season cover crop

Dark green, compact, low-growing, relatively fine-leafed, turf-type perennial grass.

  • Application Rate: 1-3 lb/1000 sq ft. or 25-35 lb/acre
  • Inoculant: None needed
  • Germination: 5-7 Days
  • Plant Height: 1-2'
  • Days to Maturity: 4-6 weeks
  • Uses: turf grass seed, erosion control
  • Facts to Note: Not typically used for forage. Does not tolerate extreme heat temperatures.


  • Tolerates Mowing/Grazing


Life Cycle : Perennial
Seed Variety : Single

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