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Week of January 28, 2021

Caring for fruit trees is not just a warm weather activity. Good winter care is very important to the health of your trees as well. Winter pruning is important for apples, pears, peaches and nectarines, but should be avoided in pluots, apricots, plums and cherries. It is best to prune those after harvest or thinning can be done in warm dry weather. You will want to remove dead or broken branches and thin out any crossing branches as well. Orchard sanitation is very important as well. You will want to remove rotting fruit on the ground and also any fruit still on the tree. Rake up leaves under trees as well. Old fruit and leaves provide a great place for disease and pests to overwinter. Dormant sprays for pests and disease can be applied during the winter to cut down on any eggs or spores that are hanging on during the winter months. Take a little time this winter to clean up your orchard or yard and then enjoy a cup of hot tea or coffee and plan out the garden, seed starting is just around the corner!
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