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Week of March 25, 2021

We all love the beauty of a field of wildflowers and so do all the pollinators. But when is the best time to plant and how do you prepare your site for planting? The answer is, it depends on your location or climate. If you live in regions with harsh winters, it is better to wait until the spring to plant. Areas with mild winters, you can plant wildflowers in the fall or spring (before the end of the rain). Wildflowers will grow just fine in native soil, so no need to fertilize or amend. Unless specifically buying a shade-loving mix, wildflowers like full sun. But they don’t like soggy, wet feet, so a good draining location is a must. Make sure all of the weeds are removed from the area you will planting the seeds. Many wildflower seeds are very small so it is best to mix with an inert material like sand (not sea sand) or vermiculite in a 1:10 ratio and add to a seed spreader to broadcast. After seeding wildflowers, roll area to get good seed-soil contact, or you can press down with a piece of plywood.
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