Choose the Right Avocado for Your Region

Choose the Right Avocado for Your Region
Avocado trees are divided into three main types: Guatemalan, Mexican, and West Indian.

Mexican Avocados

Mexican varieties are the most cold tolerant and need protection for the foliage at 20°F. Mexican types are the least salt tolerant and are typically grown in California. These avocados are Mexican avocados: Mexicola Stewart Zutano

Guatemalan Avocados

Guatemalan varieties are in between the other two. They're popular in Texas because they're relatively cold and salt tolerant. These avocados are Guatemalan x Mexican: Bacon Hass Little Cado

West Indian Avocados

West Indian varieties are the least cold tolerant, and need protection at 32°F. West Indian types are the most salt tolerant and do very well in Florida. Select the avocados that suit your soil and climate. For the best pollination, plant a tree with A flowers and one with B flowers. We explain the flower types here. Watch our Growing Avocados video for planting, pruning, and harvesting tips -- and enjoy your homegrown avocados in so many ways!
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I have a ranch in yucca Az 2nd hottest area in the USA.
We have hi salt in the air, and soil. But gets down to freezing in the winter, at night. We also have Hi winds often.
Which varity would you recommend and where can I get the saplings?

Daniel Swift

Angela, most avocados will get really big. You could grow it in a pot for a while but it will out grow the pot and the greenhouse eventually. Also there are no pollinators in a greenhouse. That might be a problem.

Suzanne at

Bi3ll, we do not sell that avocado tree, so I did a google search and found this information on a site that sells the trees. Excellent fruit quality, Green fruit, medium-thin skin. Large spreading tree. Does not produce well near the coast. Fruit size 10-12 oz. Ripens December -May. Frost tolerant to 30*F. B TYPE. Here is the link to the site,

Suzanne at

What about Fuerte: type A or B, climate zones, cultivation, etc.? Thanks.


Can avocados grow in a green house?

Angela Bassett

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