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Singing the Praises of 'Music' Garlic

What is it about 'Music' garlic that makes it the most popular seed garlic with our customers?

  • Hardneck–First of all, it's a hardneck garlic and all the hardnecks have more complex flavors than the softneck garlic found in grocery stores. 'Music' is one of the hardnecks known as a porcelain garlic, and it is beautiful. New to garlic? Our blog has a quick intro to the kinds of garlic.
  • Easy to grow–'Music' is a hardy garlic that likes cold weather. It can grow up to 3'-4' tall. Its dark green leaves are stabilized by long roots.
  • Stores well–After harvest, the cloves store 3-6 months in good conditions (meaning dry, cool, and well-ventilated).
  • Large cloves–The 'Music' cloves are large and easy to peel.
  • Excellent flavor–The flavors of 'Music' are described as mildly to medium hot, with musky, rich taste.
  • High allicin levels–'Music' has a high content of allicin, which researchers say is a powerful antioxidant. If this has piqued your interest in garlic you can also try our Garlic Combo sampler.


  • I grew Music garlic this past year and it was the best crop I have ever had. I’m saving the largest cloves as seed garlic for 2021-2022 although it is tempting to eat them. Easy to peel. Perfect.

    Mark Robinowitz
  • David, if I am interpreting your comment, your Music garlic does not bulb up properly and that you are only getting a single clove in your bulb. If that is true, then maybe your growing conditions are not right for that variety. Hardneck garlic needs a good cold winter to properly bulb up. Also make sure you are fertilizing in the spring with either a balanced fertilizer or one that has more phosphorus in the mix.

  • My music produces numerous single clove specimens. What are they called, ‘rounds’? I’ve randomly selected for this and my harvest of these seems to be increasing. Is this random luck? Do I need to get more rigorous with my records? Or is my impression likely true?

    I also select for 2, 3 or 4 clove bulbs and seem to have good luck.

    Mr David Hopkins
  • Dan- music should be planted in the Fall to get a good cold treatment over the winter. If you plant it in the spring your garlic may not bulb up.

  • Do you have the Music variety garlic available to purchase for this spring planting?

    Dan Schwallier

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