How to Create a Trellis Netting Garden: A Comprehensive Guide

DIY trellis netting

DIY Trellis Netting

Do you want to create a beautiful garden but don't have the space? Or maybe you have a small garden but want to make the most of it? Trellis netting is the perfect solution! A trellis is a garden support for netting plants to help create a vertical garden.

With this guide, you can learn how to create a trellis netting garden that will add beauty and functionality to your outdoor space. We'll go over everything you need to know, from selecting the right plants to using jute or hortonova trellis netting for optimal results. Let's get started!

What Is Trellis Netting and What Is It Made Of?

Trellis netting is a type of material used to support climbing plants. It is typically made from jute or hortonova, two types of fibers.


A strong, durable material that is often used in carpeting and burlap sacks.


hortonova trellis

A synthetic fiber that is similar to jute but is more resistant to sunlight and weather damage.

Heavy duty trellis netting is available in a variety of widths and lengths, and it can be cut to fit any size garden bed or frame. Many gardeners prefer trellis netting because it is an inexpensive way to support climbing plants without damaging the plant's stems. Additionally, trellis netting can be reused for several growing seasons.

Which Plants Grow On Trellis Netting?

Trellis netting is a type of support structure that is often used for climbing plants. Many different types of plants can be grown on trellis netting, including ivy, roses, and grapevines.

jute trellis netting

When choosing trellis netting for your plants, it is important to select a material that will be strong enough to support the weight of the plants. In addition, you will need to choose a trellis netting that has the right spacing between the wires or mesh in order to allow your plants to grip the surface.

Once you have selected the appropriate trellis netting, you can start training your climbing plants to grow up and around the structure.

What Does Trellis Netting Do For The Plants?

Trellis netting provides plants with support as they grow and can help to increase yield by allowing more fruits or vegetables to mature.

In addition, trellis netting can improve air circulation around the plant and reduce disease pressure. When selecting trellis netting for your garden, it is important to consider the type of plant you are growing as well as the climate conditions in your area.

How Do You Set Up Trellis Netting?

To set up trellis netting, start by selecting a spot in your garden that gets plenty of sunlight. Then, drive a stake into the ground at each corner of the area you want to cover. Next, unroll the trellis netting and attach it to the stakes. Make sure that the netting is taut so that it doesn't sag in the middle.

Finally, secure the bottom of the netting to the ground with rocks or weighted pegs. With a little effort, you can easily create a sturdy support system for your climbing plants.

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