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In our popular blog How to Create a Trellis Netting Garden: A Comprehensive Guide, we share simple step-by-step instructions for how to build a DIY trellis structure for the home garden in about 2 hours. The guide also provides a supply list. While most of these items can be found around the home or at the local hardware store, we recommend investing in high-quality trellis netting to support your tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet peas, hops, and more.
There are two major types of netting that come in a variety of sizes to fit every garden space. Each has its benefits to consider.
Jute Netting
Natural and Biodegradable: Jute netting is made from natural jute fibers, which makes it a more sustainable choice for garden trellises. It is biodegradable, meaning it will break down over time, reducing waste and environmental impact.
Gentle Support: Jute netting provides soft and gentle support for plants, allowing them to intertwine and climb easily. It prevents damage to delicate stems and leaves, making it suitable for plants with more fragile growth habits.
Versatility: Jute netting can be easily cut and shaped to fit different trellis sizes and configurations. It is flexible and adaptable, allowing you to create customized trellis designs to suit your garden needs.
Breathable: Jute netting allows for good air circulation and light penetration, reducing the risk of fungal diseases and promoting healthy plant growth.
Hortonova Netting
Durability: Hortonova netting is made from a durable synthetic material. It is resistant to rot, mildew, and UV degradation, ensuring long-lasting performance even in outdoor environments.

Strong Support: Hortonova netting provides strong support for heavier plants and crops. It can handle the weight of large fruits or vegetables, making it suitable for trellising crops like tomatoes, cucumbers, and melons.

Easy to Clean and Maintain: Hortonova netting is easy to clean and can be washed or hosed down when needed. It does not absorb moisture, allowing for quick drying and preventing the buildup of debris or pests.

Flexibility: Hortonova netting is available in various mesh sizes, allowing you to choose the appropriate opening size for different plants. It can be easily stretched or tensioned to provide a taut and supportive trellis structure.

Reusable: Due to its durability, Hortonova netting can be reused for multiple growing seasons, making it a cost-effective option in the long run.

Both jute netting and Hortonova netting have their strengths and are suitable for different gardening needs. Consider factors such as the type of plants you're trellising, the desired lifespan of the netting, and your personal preferences when choosing between these materials.
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