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Collection: Fertilizers for Vegetative Growth

Gets your plants growing with organic nitrogen fertilizer!
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Organic & Natural Nitrogen Fertilizers

Nitrogen is a key nutrient for plant growth (the N in N-P-K), and is responsible for plants' green (vegetative) foliage. The right amount of nitrogen is necessary for the success of your garden. Make sure there is an adequate supply of nitrogen in the soil before planting or transplanting by getting a soil analysis

Nitrogen is most important in the early stages, during the formation of leaves, and general growing period. It is less important during flower formation and fruit setting (when plants require more phosphorus).

Over-applying nitrogen can lead to an increase in pests, cause plants to grow lush and large with little flowers and thus less fruit, so stay within recommended application rates. Organic fertilizers are less likely to “burn” as compared to their synthetic counterparts. Some of your nitrogen needs may be met by organic matter as it decomposes.

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