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Cascade Minerals Remineralizing Soil Boost (10 lb Bag)
Cascade Minerals Remineralizing Soil Boost (10 lb Bag)
Item Number: F046

Cascade Minerals Remineralizing Soil Boost (10 lb Bag)

Maintain the Supply of Minerals in your Soil to Grow Healthy Plants!

Listed for Use in Organic Agriculture by the Organic Materials Review Institute Approved for Organic Agriculture by the California Department of Food and Agriculture

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Derived from Basalt. There are not always enough nutrients in the soil for a plant to grow healthy. Here's what Cascade Minerals Remineralizing Soil Boost will do for your soil:

  • Calcium (Ca) & Magnesium (Mg) regulate soil cation exchange capacity which determines the availability of many other nutrients in the soil.
  • Magnesium (Mg) is the central atom in chlorophyll. Mg deficiencies frequently occur and are easily corrected with Cascade Minerals.
  • Iron (Fe) is a catalyst to chlorophyll formation. Many synthetic Fe fertilizers are ineffective because the Fe converts rapidly to unavailable forms. The Fe in Cascade Minerals is stable in the soil, even on calcareous soils. Cascade Minerals steadily supplies Fe to plants as they need it.
  • Manganese (Mn) accelerates germination and maturity, while increasing the availability of phosphorus (P) and Ca.
  • Calcium (Ca) 1.0%, Magnesium (Mg) 0.5%, Iron (Fe) 4.0%, Manganese (Mn) 0.05%
Additional Minerals and Trace Elements to help make plants strong:
  • Silicon (Si) is the major element affecting the strength of plant cell walls.
  • Copper (Cu) is necessary to chlorophyll formation.
  • Zinc (Zn) is essential for promoting certain metabolic reactions; deficiencies are common.
  • Boron (B) is essential for pollination and seed formation; deficiencies are common.
  • Aluminum (Al) is an important element for producing blue pigments in flowers.
Vegetable Gardens-5 to 10 lbs of Cascade Minerals per 100 square feet (10x10.) Rake or lightly till minerals into soil. 

Trees and Shrubs-1 cup of Cascade Minerals per 1 inch of trunk diameter. Spread evenly over rooting area. Rake or lightly till minerals into soil if possible, otherwise water in thoroughly.






    Organic Status :
    Approved for Use in Certified Organic Agriculture
    Animal-Based : Yes
    Fertilizer Type : Powdered/Granulated/Meal
    Major Nutrients : Calcium
    Major Nutrients : Magnesium
    Major Nutrients : Trace Minerals
    Nutrient Release Rate : Short-term (1-4 Months)
    Use as Foliar : No
    Organic Certifier: OMRI, CDFA

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    Shipping Weight: 11.0 lb

    Dimensions: 13.0"L x 9.0"W x 4.5"H


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