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Brand: Gilmour
Item Number: WOT573

Gilmour Pattern Master Impulse Sprinkler

Adjustable Circumference for Irregular Spaces

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Most lawns or gardens are not perfect circles. This ingenious impulse sprinkler allows you to create your own watering pattern. Adjust it to water any shaped yard.

Patented design. Programming disc allows easy adjustment up or down at 12 points within a single rotation. Pushing up on the red plastic ring from underneath at any of the 12 points, reduces the distance of the spray. Pressing down from the top adjusts for maximum distance. Adjust the pattern to be full circle or any portion of a circle.

  • Maximum water coverage: 5800 sq ft (86’ diameter/ 43' radius)
  • Impact resistant, rustproof polymer construction
  • Durable, sled base to provide stability
  • Speed control for even coverage
  • Lifetime replacement policy (excludes commercial or industrial users)


  • Hose Thread


Area Covered (feet) : 2001-5000
Spray Pattern : 360°

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Shipping Weight: 4.11 lb

Dimensions: 12.0"L x 11.0"W x 7.0"H


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