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Brand: Humax
Item Number: PSA800

Humax (Gallon)

To Enhance Micronutrient Uptake

Listed for Use in Organic Agriculture by the Organic Materials Review Institute Approved for Organic Agriculture by the Washington State Department of Agriculture Approved for Organic Agriculture by the California Department of Food and Agriculture

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Humax can be used as a soil or foliar application. It may enhance micronutrient uptake by plants. It is compatible with most fertilizer solutions and biological and enzymatic formulations.

  • Contains 12% humic acids extracted from leonardite.
  • Rates of 16-32 oz/acre or 1 tbs/gal.
  • Rates of 4-16 oz/acre will increase uptake of foliar nutrients, especially Ca, P, Mg and Fe.
  • Humax is applied to soils in water or fertilizer solutions at 32-64 oz/acre.


  • Improves Nutrient Uptake


Organic Status :
Approved for Use in Certified Organic Agriculture
Organic Certifier: OMRI, WSDA, CDFA

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