Monterey Horticultural Oil (Qt) - Grow Organic Monterey Horticultural Oil (Qt) Weed and Pest
Brand: Monterey
Item Number: POP810

Monterey Horticultural Oil (Qt)

For Year Round Usage - Dormant or Growing Season

Listed for Use in Organic Agriculture by the Organic Materials Review Institute

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This is the same product as Monterey Lawn and Garden's SAF-T-SIDE horticultural oil, which is no longer available.

Use on most crops, including fruit and nut trees, vegetables, berries, ornamentals, grasses for control of fungal diseases, insects and mites. Mode of action is through suffocation of eggs, larvae, nymphs and adults of soft bodied insects. Its mode of action requires total spray coverage. As a fungicide, it interferes with the attachment of the pathogen to the host and acts as to suffocate the organism.

  • Contains 80% mineral oil (92% unsulfonated residue of mineral oil)
  • Controls powdery mildew, rust, mites, aphids, scale, leafminers, fungus gnats and most soft bodied insects.

Remember to read, understand, and follow all label directions.



    Organic Status :
    Approved for Use in Certified Organic Agriculture
    Active Ingredient : Horticultural Oil
    Application Frequency : Multiple Application
    Application Season : Fall
    Application Season : Spring
    Application Season : Summer
    Application Season : Winter
    Chemical Form : Concentrate
    Chemical Form : Liquid
    Fungus & Disease Control : Blackspot
    Fungus & Disease Control : Molds
    Fungus & Disease Control : Powdery Mildew
    Fungus & Disease Control : Rust
    Insect Control : Aphids
    Insect Control : Fungus Gnats
    Insect Control : Leaf Roller
    Insect Control : Leafhoppers
    Insect Control : Leafminers
    Insect Control : Loopers
    Insect Control : Mealybugs
    Insect Control : Mites
    Insect Control : Psyllids
    Insect Control : Scale
    Insect Control : Thrips
    Insect Control : Whiteflies
    Pest Control Class : Fungicide
    Pest Control Class : Insecticide
    Pest Control Class : Miticide
    Organic Certifier: OMRI


    Cannot ship to the following states: ND, WY

    Shipping Weight: 3.0 lb

    Dimensions: 8.25"L x 4.25"W x 2.5"H


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