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Olivia's Cloning Solution (Qt)

For Rapid Root Development

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Oliviaʼs CLONING SOLUTION was invented and developed over 30 years ago that satisfied a need for growers taking their own clones from plants. It is a liquid that is a safe, easy to use formula for commercial and home growers. It provides just what new cuttings are looking for: root starter and nutrient growth – all in one concentrate.

This cloning solution works well for hydroponic and soil applications as well as with root cubes and cloning machines. It can be used daily to root and feed cuttings.

  • Stimulates rapid root development
  • Feeds new cuttings as they root
  • Eliminates transplant shock
  • For all plants–indoor and outdoor
  • Guaranteed analysis-0.06-0.13-0.07


  • Use for Propagation


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