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Organic Sunflower Sprouting Seeds (5.3 oz)

Organic Sunflower Sprouting Seeds (5.3 oz)

Delicious Nutty Sunflower Taste in a Big Crunchy Sprout!

Delicious nutty sunflower taste in a big crunchy sprout!

Manufacturer States this Product Meets the Standards of the National Organic Program (NOP)
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Delicious nutty sunflower taste in a big crunchy sprout!

See for yourself what sprouting does for you!

Reputed to be a highly nutritional practice, sprouting is an affordable way to grow your own nutrient packed food in a matter of days. Sprouting involves soaking, draining, and rinsing food grade seeds until they begin to germinate. Sprouts are rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, amino acids, beneficial enzymes and more. They have been called the "most enzyme rich food on the planet".

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Ships from Northern CA.

Shipping Weight: 0.5 lb

Dimensions: 8.0"L x 5.0"W x 1.5"H



    Organic Status: Accepted for Use in Organic Gardening
    Starting Location : Indoor Sprouting

    Planting & Care

    Days to Sprout: 8-10

    Best Sprouting Methods: Sprouting Tray

    Optimal Soak Time: 4-8 hours

    Easy sprouting directions (tray method):

    SOAK- Soak seed in water for 4 - 8 hrs. Drain. Spread two layer deep in the bottom of a sprouting tray with drainage holes.

    RINSE - Rinse or mist twice a day, carefully at first so you don’t disturb the seed until the roots catch onto the tray. Cover between rinses. For darker green leaves cover with clear plastic.

    ENJOY -Ready to harvest in 8-10 days. Refrigerate to store. Sprouts can be refrigerated for up to two weeks in a sealed container. (Sprouts store best when they are fairly dry- do not store immediately after rinsing.)

    NutritionGreat source of protein and an excellent source of vitamins B6, and E, calcium, iron, magnesium, niacin, phosphorus, potassium, and dietary fiber.

    Yield1/4 cup seed yields approx 3 cups of sunflower shoots

    Storage & Shelf LifeOur seeds should sprout well for a year after you purchase them, if stored in a cool dry place. If you’d like to extend the germination life of your seeds, store them in the fridge. If you store your seeds in the freezer, they’ll last almost indefinitely.

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