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Renee's Garden Shirley Poppy Angel's Choir

Award Winning Watercolor Combination

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Poppy (Shirley) - Angel's Choir Papaver rhoeas

Annual - his award-winning combination of silken-petaled, double poppies features shimmering watercolor shades including cream, apricot, peach, coral, lavender, pink and bi-colors and picotees. It took breeders years of selection to develop these absolutely magical forms and lustrous soft colors. Angel's Choir poppies are exquisite in the garden as the blossoms sway gracefully on nodding 3' tall stems above frothy gray-green foliage. These easy-to-grow and irresistible flower are the perfect way to welcome the joys of spring.

Soil & Water:Sow seeds directly into a finely textured seedbed in full sun as early in spring as ground can be worked. Weed and water young seedlings carefully. Mature plants can handle dry conditions but appreciate regular water in hot summer locations. Poppies make good cut flowers if brought indoors just as buds begin to open. Prolong bloom by picking off spent flowers to keep them from setting seed.

Planting & Growing: Plant as early as possible in spring, as poppies can handle frost and bloom best and longest when plants get a good start in cool weather. In mild winter climates, poppies can also be sown in fall. To help space the fine seeds, mix with dry sand before sowing. Scatter seeds thinly and cover lightly with fine soil. Keep seedbed moist as seedlings emerge over 7 - 14 days. Thin early if seedlings are crowded; final spacing should be 6 - 8" apart.

Soil Temperature: above 50°F
Planting Depth: barely cover
Germination: 7-21 Days
Height At Maturity: 2-3 feet
Sun/Shade: Full Sun
Spacing After Thinning: 6-8"
Approx Seeds per Pack: Approx. 2000 Seeds

While Renee's Garden seeds are not all certified organic, they do not sell treated or GMO seeds and have signed the "Safe Seed Pledge.”


  • Attracts Bees/Butterflies
  • Does Not Require Support
  • Good Cut Flower
  • Open-Pollinated
  • Requires Summer Water
  • Useful for Ornamental


Bloom Season : Spring
Bloom Season : Summer
Flower Color : Mix
Life Cycle : Annual
Plant Usage : Attracts Bees/Butterflies
Plant Usage : Ornamental
Planting Time : Fall
Planting Time : Spring
Seed Unit Sizes : Seed Pack
Sun Requirements : Full Sun

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