Seed Starting Tray 72 Cells 1.5"rdx 2"H - Grow Organic Seed Starting Tray 72 Cells 1.5"rdx 2"H Growing
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Seed Starting Tray 72 Cells 1.5"rdx 2"H

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These high-quality, super durable nursery flat inserts are made from food-grade, BPA-free plastic and will last multiple seasons. They are strong and will hold up when being transported while full of plants and media. They will fit any standard 1020 (10" x 20") trays.

  • Rigid design allows these flats to be used without a carrying tray
  • Food-grade BPA-free plastic
  • The 1.5" square, 2.25" deep media holes are optimally sized for starting herbs, flowers, and vegetable seedlings and are compatible with various square-shaped available media plugs
  • Cells have drainage holes, which promotes aeration and fast drainage as well as allowing early roots to grow out
  • Use with a 1020 tray to catch any runoff



    Color : Black

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    Dimensions: 3.0"L x 11.0"W x 21.0"H


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