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PVC Fitting - Slip T (1")

Slip Through Tee For Less Cutting

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Ideal attachment points for PVC when building pipe structures like greenhouses, cold frames & shade covers. UV stabilized, they fit onto regular PVC water pipe. The Slip T fitting is shaped like a regular Tee, but the pipe can slip all the way through the 2 adjoining outlets, allowing the pipe to go into the T one way and out the other. Use this Slip T for making hinges or to add support to a structure without having to cut the pipe.

This fitting is designed to fit OVER 1” PVC pipe. The physical dimensions of the hole in the slip fitting accommodates the full outer diameter of the PVC pipe. Thus, when buying fittings, buy 1” fittings for 1” PVC.

  • Dimensions: 3"L x 1.5"W x 1.5"H

Additional 3-way and 4-way fittings are available and work wonders for peak, corners and multi-level structures! They provide more possibilities for building structures from PVC! The 5 way fitting is shaped like a cross with a fifth outlet in the center. Use these for center supports when covering berry patches or for the center support pole of pastured animal pens.



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    Shipping Weight: 0.2 lb

    Dimensions: 3.0"L x 1.5"W x 1.5"H


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