Soil Sifter 2-in-1 Sieve - Grow Organic Soil Sifter 2-in-1 Sieve Growing
Item Number: GCO415

Soil Sifter 2-in-1 Sieve

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An essential potting shed item, sturdy gardener's sieve has two interchangeable, galvanized mesh screens that easily pop in and out of the rot proof green plastic frame. Use them to sift compost, potting soil or peat moss to give the ideal medium for seed sowing or cutting propagation.

  • Two different mesh screens - a fine with 6mm square hole sizes and a coarse with 12mm square hole sizes



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    Shipping Weight: 4.36 lb

    Dimensions: 14.0"L x 14.0"W x 5.0"H


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