Uni-Gro Pumice (1 Cu Ft) - Grow Organic Uni-Gro Pumice (1 Cu Ft) Growing
Uni-Gro Pumice (1 Cu Ft) - Grow Organic Uni-Gro Pumice (1 Cu Ft) Growing
Item Number: PSO700

Uni-Gro Pumice (1 Cu Ft)

Improves Soil Drainage and Aeration

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Used in agriculture before the days of ancient Rome, pumice continues to be an ideal growing medium to this day. Uni-Gro Pumice has a variety of characteristics making it useful throughout your garden.

  • Provids excellent aeration to the soil, it loosens heavy clay soil and retains moisture well.
  • It won't break down, compact or rot, giving your roots the space they need. Along with these characteristics, Uni-Gro Pumice will also make it easy to control nutrients.
  • Has a neutral pH and does not give off any offensive odors.
  • 100% natural volcanic rock
  • Great to use as an ingredient in succulent potting medium (1/2 pumice, 1/2 potting soil).



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