Choose the Right Avocado for Your Region

Avocado trees are divided into three main types: Guatemalan, Mexican, and West Indian.

Mexican Avocados

Mexican varieties are the most cold tolerant and need protection for the foliage at 20°F. Mexican types are the least salt tolerant and are typically grown in California. These avocados are Mexican avocados: Mexicola Stewart Zutano

Guatemalan Avocados

Guatemalan varieties are in between the other two. They're popular in Texas because they're relatively cold and salt tolerant. These avocados are Guatemalan x Mexican: Bacon Hass Little Cado

West Indian Avocados

West Indian varieties are the least cold tolerant, and need protection at 32°F. West Indian types are the most salt tolerant and do very well in Florida. Select the avocados that suit your soil and climate. For the best pollination, plant a tree with A flowers and one with B flowers. We explain the flower types here. Watch our Growing Avocados video for planting, pruning, and harvesting tips -- and enjoy your homegrown avocados in so many ways!


  • Cathy, the West Indian type should do the best in your area, however, we do not sell any of those varieties. You might want to check with a local nursery and ask what varieties grow best in your location.

  • I truly want a healthy and good tasting avocado tree that I can plant in the ground. I’m in north Florida where the ground has had a 3’ flood of salt water during a hurricane. We also have some cold in the high 20’s and low 30’s occasionally. What’s the best avocado choice for my area. Thanks for any help you can provide. Thanks💕 Cathy

    Cathy Hall
  • Patsy, I would not recommend getting an avocado for your growing zone and climate. They are really rated to zones 9 and 10 and do best in dry moderate climates. But you can visit your local nursery and talk with someone in your growing zone.

  • I live in south Alabama zone 8 and lots of rain. Can the avocado flourish in our climate?

  • Is there an update on how these trees are doing years later? We’re in Meadow Vista and I’m curious how things have panned out long-term. I have my own experiment going with Mexicola Grande, Fantasic, Brogdon, and Bacon trees (we also have a Wurtz, but that might need to live closer to the house long-term). They are still young and spending their first winter in the plant room.

  • I live in Salem Oregon, zone 8, and we get a fair amount of rain. What variety would you recommend for outdoor?

  • Mark, my best suggestion is to visit a local nursery or talk to your local master gardeners for advice on varieties that would work in your area.

    Suzanne at
  • Santos, what I have found are the following varieties: Butler, Fuchs, Maoz, Pollock, Ruchle, Russell, Simmonds, Trapp, and Waldin. But you should check with your local nursery as to what is available in your area.

    Suzanne at
  • Hello. You gave a few names of Mexican & Guatemalan avocados. Could you give some names of West Indian avocados?

    Thank you!

  • Daniel, the Guatemalan varieties seem to be what you are looking for. I would check around at your local nurseries to see if they are available.

    Suzanne at
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