Which Worm Bin Should You Choose?

Which Worm Bin Should You Choose?
Ready to hire some composting experts? Redworms are quiet and tireless helpers that can live in bins (indoors or outdoors) and turn your kitchen scraps into odorless compost. Fix the redworms up with a proper worm bin home, then enjoy the fruits of their labor. And start tossing the word "vermiculture" into conversations. That's the fancy term for composting with worms. Earthworms can't live in worm bins (they need to tunnel in the soil) so buy redworms for your indoor or outdoor worm composting. None of our worm bins include the actual worms. Order your redworms to arrive after you have prepared your worm bin. In our video Tricia shows how to set up a worm bin. She uses a Can-O-Worms; consider that bin and other styles too, then decide which is best for your home and budget.

Find a Home for Your Redworms

No real estate agent needed.


Can-O-Worms is a three-story unit made from recycled plastic. The lightweight, three trays make it a snap to encourage the worms to move on up to a higher story, leaving their compost behind for easy use. The bottom section collects the "worm juice"; turn the spigot to drain it out for your plants. An instruction book and starter Coco-Peat-style bedding come with the bin. Measurements: 29" tall x 20".

Worm Factory

The Worm Factory is the new high-rise in town. Made in the USA, this sturdy tower is similar to the Can-O-Woms, with a smaller, square footprint, and a lower price. An intriguing added feature is a worm ladder -- honest! -- to help the worms climb to the next level. A DVD guide, starter bedding, compost rake, and thermometer come with the Worm Factory. Measurements: 15" tall x 18".

Get to know your worms with How to Start a Worm Bin. The authors promise to "leave no worm unturned" in telling the tale of the earthworm -- from setting up the worm bin, to using the compost. Lay out the Welcome mat for redworms and see what great neighbors they will be.

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