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What is Drip Tape?

High quality drip tape is a low pressure irrigation tape with built-in emitters that delivers water to your veggies. A drip tape irrigation system must be used in straight runs (great for row crops) and requires a low pressure of about 10 psi. It reduces water requirements for growing areas.

Drip tape comes in 2 different weights, 8 or 15 mil (heaviest). The emitters are spaced every 8" and can lay on top of the soil or buried (shallow). Flow rates will depend on the psi of your irrigation and the row length.

We sell all of the fittings you need for installation, as well as filters along with PSI pressure regulators and pressure reducers.

Drip Tape Irrigation System Information

For more information on installation and using drip tape in your garden, read our article Using Drip Tape in the Garden.