Collection: Fertilizers for Foliar Feeding

Water soluble fertilzers for foliar feeding

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Collection: Fertilizers for Foliar Feeding

What is Foliar Spray Feeding?

Foliar feeding plants addresses the immediate nutrient deficiencies of a growing plant by spraying water-soluble fertilizers on plant’s leaves. Plants take up nutrients through their leaves and stems, using stomata (found mostly on the underside of the leaves), and absorbs foliar sprays 20 x faster than soil-applied nutrients. Foliar applications can also be timed at critical points in the plant’s growth cycle. Examples of fertilizers to use are fish emulsion or kelp–commonly used fertilizers in organic gardening.

Tips for Foliar Spray Feeding

Foliar feeding should not be done in the heat of the day. Leaf stomata close at temperatures above 85°F. Application of foliar fertilizers is best done in the early morning If using a micronized foliar fertilizer, be sure that it is fully dissolved before spraying. Less soluble powders may also need frequent mixing during spraying.